Borders are just dust, fighters are the same

Borders are just dust, fighters are the sameAn activist, Nazly Hussein , indicating she led the way against harrass to women and marginalization in public revolution which started  on 25 january 2011 against the misuse authority of Egyptian goverment, said ‘ with revolution the people who saw the harrassment applied to women by army , changed their feudal point of view towards women.’’

The Egyptian revolution , lasting from 25 january 2011 to today, started with rebellion of people because of misuse authority, police violence , extraordinary situation and unemployment. In egyptian revolution  in which the president of republic Husnu Mubarek resigned, women had an active role. The new Egypt formed by revolution, continues to struggle with their women’s voice.Nazly hussein who took part in egyptian revolution actively and carried out some studies to document the struggle of women in revolution , stated that in the revolution there were not only men and she said ‘’ I carried out the Project called ‘the words of women from egypt’ for documenting the struggle of women despite all of the oppressions.’’

The army made virginity test to the women who were under custody’

Nazly , remarking ,like every revolution process,  also in egyptian revolution there was the hegemony of men mentality which tried to ignore the struggle of organized women by marginalizing them ,and she told ‘ there were attendence to the Egyptian revolution from everywhere. But there was a difference : Not surprisingly the attendence of women were made invisible by history wtih marginalizing the women.
Nazly , stating in theEegypt regime supportives  see woman as a threat and army  tries all kind of methods to deter women and she said ‘both Husnu Mubarek and Muhsin El Fengeri saw women as a threat because of women ‘s attendence to the revolution and there were many treatments to deter women from being in the same side with men.

Nazly said ‘army applied different methods to cut women ‘s struggle. One of these is the virgiity test. The army made virginity test when women were under custody.’ And she emphasized that women got controlled with half naked position by army and they were exposed to sexual abuse in street..Nazly who points out the initiative ,developed by women against the sexist manner of army, indicated that revolution wasn’t only a rebellion against regime , it provided awareness to the people.

We will struggle until our demands will come true

Nazly said  ‘The greatest change that grow with revolution is the aspect of society against women..society reacts to the harassment of army’ and she told:

“Before revolution , both teenagers  and women lived through marginalization intensively.. The demands of woman never generated a priority. But during the revolution process when women became the target of bullets and exposed to same violence they recognized the equality.when sexual abuse  became current issue , the court stressed that women weren’t belong to street and they were exposed to abuse because of going out street.But all the people who struggled together reacted to parliament’s  decision . Most part of Egyptian people reacted with women in public sphere.Both women and men will struggle together until demands will come true, borders are just dust, fighters are the same.

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