KCK and KONGRA GEL release ‘Political Attitude Manifest’

kck9 gistiKONGRA GEL and KCK have released their ‘Political Attitude Manifest’ highlighting the decisions the Kurdish movement will put into practice in four parts of Kurdistan in the coming term.

According to the manifest which consists of significant decisions in relation to the democratic solution process initiated by Kurdish people’s leader Abdullah Öcalan, the General Assembly of the Kongra Gel congress (30 June – 5 July) agreed on the maintenance of the ceasefire and the withdrawal plan.

The manifest remarked that “the AKP government had to undergo a change in its policy, which it entitled as “the silence of arms and speech of ideas”, after facing a failure in its war concept against the PKK (Kurdistan Workers’ Party) as well as in its Syrian policy, because of the democratic nation building of Kurds in Rojava Kurdistan with 19 July revolution”.

The manifest remarked that the Kurdish movement released Turkish officers held in custody and called truce on 23 March after evaluating the new road map and the Newroz call by Öcalan. Referring to the withdrawal of Kurdish guerrillas from Turkish borders, which began on 8 May, the manifest said that the first stage of the process has been finalized by 1 June, and is witnessing works for the beginning of the second stage.

It underlined that the AKP government’s practices and attitude in the current process constituted a significant obstacle to the progress of the resolution process.

The manifest highlighted the following ten points as the Kurdish movement’s decisions for the coming period are;

– to recognize the democratic solution process Öcalan initiated and to fulfill all its requirements

– to stand by the truce and withdrawal KCK Executive Council Presidency announced on 23 March

– to lead the truce and withdrawal process in line and accordance with the democratic solution process

– to enhance civil commotions and to mobilize all social dynamics across the country in order to create political pressure on the AKP government

– to conduct intense organizational works in order to put the decisions of the Peace and Democracy Conferences into practice, to mobilize with democratic powers in organizing democratic politics in Turkey

– to practice preparations for guerrillas’ active defense in the event of an attack by different powers and to exercise the right to reprisal when necessary

– to develop an attitude in line with that of Öcalan should the AKP government happen to sabotage the process or turn it to a deception policy

-to advance the present politics in Rojava, to declare interim governance and to achieve the level of building a Kurdish local government

– to lead a more effective struggle in Başur, to make efforts to enable democratic powers to win the coming elections and to gather the Kurdistan National Conference

– to work for the maintenance of the present ceasefire between PJAK (Party for Free Life in Kurdistan) and the Iranian state in Rojhilat, to be prepared for different attitudes the Iranian regime may develop

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