Middle eastern women are meeting for ‘life and freedom

Jinên Rojhilata Navîn bi dirûşma ‘Jin Jiyan Azadî’ dicivînThe activist of democratic free woman movement and a member of 1.Middle East women conference preparatory commission, Ceylan Bagrıyanık who states even though Middle Eastern Women share the same geography, the women of each country live separately from each other, said ‘we are faced with many problems that grow out of being woman, having different culture or belief and hegemony of men mentality. But the common point which gathers us is being woman. We as Middle Eastern women will comprise struggle line together with sharing our struggle experience.

On 31 may to 2 june, DOKH will carry out middle east women conference in Diyarbakır with the slogan of ‘JIN, JIYAN, AZADI’ (woman, life, freedom) in memoriam of three Kurdish women politicians ,Sakine Cansiz , Fidan Dogan and Leyla Saylemez who were killed in Paris on January 9. Ceylan bagrıyanık, expressing that all arrangemets come to the end, said ‘amed is still writing history with its culture and struggle. While amed is realizing such a historic progress within itself, its women are writing the history of amed. Sara was one of these resistance fighter. So we are carrying out 1. Middle east women conference in amed, the region of resistance enhanced by Sara.’ Ceylan responded the questions of JINHA about 1. Middle East women conference.
‘For creating organization model’

–          As a result of which need and discussion are you carrying out 1. Middle East women conference?

Carrying out Middle East women conference is very important for us. As democratic free woman movement ( DOKH) we realized many organizations at various level where women gathered and discussed both their problems and issue of society. In our struggle process we see that in spite of being in the Middle East region and living with such a historical realities, we couldn’t form relation in required level with Middle Eastern women and other women movement. We recognized that we couldn’t collectivize and share our progress and our problems growing out of being woman and living in the Middle East. Why don’t we discuss and create an organization model that can release powerful perspectives for the process. Based on these questions we started to work.

We will face with our history

–          What is the main goal of women conference when we consider the woman revolution processes, struggle method and their experience in Middle East?

We explain the revolutions process in Middle East as revolution of people. Women have an active role in these reform processes. When we look at the last stage, although women have pioneered the process, after this process in fact again it is the turning back to the home that is said for women. We could see that how our acquisitions and freedom, gained before as a result of struggles, are taken back from us. We can recognize the situation of women regarded as a means of power and after accessing to this, divested of their freedom. Today it is experienced tragically in Middle East revolutions. Moreover, we can see that in preparation process. We identify the main reason of this not being able to get a social system in which free, democratic, ecologic and especially gender freedom system become reality. Almost with 250 women delegates we will create a memory by facing up to our history.

Against the being left with no memory

–          On which issue will the Middle Eastern women work in 3 days lasting conference?

Capitalist modernity try to form this on women and societies and mostly it succeeded: societies, women and all of the groups that are under oppression certainly must be left with no memory. Now this conference will be the one that can evolve this memory. In this respect, we as Middle Eastern women will share our experience and see our sharing with mostly theoretical aspect. On the first day of our conference the history of women will be discussed and related presentations will take place with the prosperous participation of delegates.
Despite the sharing same region as Middle Eastern women we live separately from each other as a woman of different countries. We have many problems, resulting from being woman, having different culture or belief and hegemony of men mentality. But the common point gathers us is being a woman. On second day we will share our struggle experiences that we have lived in different countries. As Middle Eastern women we can meet an create a struggle line.

‘We are pioneer in aspect of carrying the can’

–          Why did you decide the basic slogan of 1. Middle East women conference as ‘JIN, JIYAN, AZADI’ (woman, life, freedom)?

Kurdish women have organized many struggles and leadings. The reason of this is the perspective developed by them. This perspective is based on our paradigm. We share with all women within the frame of this paradigm. We don’t say we are pioneer. All of the Middle Eastern women know that there is a woman strength, an experience and a tradition of history to realize this leadership in Middle East. For freedom of women, people, oppressed groups, oppressed belief groups, Kurdish women are carrying out the can and they will go on. We are pioneer in aspect of carrying the can. There are our women comrade who are struggling and working for our discussion base and arrangement of organization there are also the ones who were martyr for this struggle, we think they all deserved to see freedom. But they renounced from their freedom to create societies freedom, at the cost of not being able to see freedom. Sakine Cansiz, Fidan Dogan and Leyla Saylemez were our women leaders. And in the name of Middle East they are accepted as women leaders. We carry out this conference in memoriams of them. Our slogan is ‘ jin, jiyan, azadi’ ( woman, life, freedom). It is the most befitting slogan for them and for women. According to us; woman, life and freedom aren’t separate, they are all complete.

Women struggling at the street and square

–          You have conducted many diplomatic work when you have carried out the conference. You have relation to 27 countries. You have reached the women movements and women representative in these countries. How do you consider the approach of the Middle Eastern women to the conference?

This work has become an experience revealed by women struggle. Observing the Middle East with its reality and meeting with women in their living place… these are very important experiences. We are carrying this work one on one. It is very exciting to meet and discuss with them and to be in Tahrir square where they have struggled, resisted against attacks and practice their self-defense. In view of our call, women became excited and still there are proposals for attending to the conference. They are all advanced their academic area. Journalist, lawyer and other occupational groups.. they are in significant struggle. We took care of all groups’ attendance. The women whom we talked said they wanted to be a part of conference.

‘Amed is still writing a history

–          What do you consider about the place of conference? Why Amed?

As Kurdish women movement we don’t regard the Middle East only geographically. Middle East is our resource and this resource has many centers. The meaning of the Amed is not geographic. Amed is still writing a history with its culture and struggle and its women are still writing this history wih it’s thought systematic and organization model. In the sense of Middle East, Amed is a big center and a capital city. For Kurdish people and women Amed is capital. Consequently such a work was required to be in this city. Sara was the woman who resisted in Amed prison against the attacks of fascist system on people and women. She was a leader and symbol. So for us it is very meaningful to carry out this organization in Amed where she enhanced resistance.

There will be participations from Tunisia, Egypt and Far Eastern Countries’

–          Now what level are the preparations of works?

The most part of the conference preparation come to the end. Previously the conference was planned to be carried out with 150 delegates. But especially as a result of intensity of request, we as a commission evaluated again and thought that the calls were required to be met. Now our clear number is 250. The attendance will be from 27 countries. We didn’t evaluate the Middle East geographically. We handled it with its revolutions in political and women struggle. Besides, there will be delegates from Tunisia, Far Eastern, Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Going on struggling to realize dreams’

–          Finally what is your message to all women?

As DOKH, our basic perspective is ‘looking for our lost freedom in the place where it lost and finding it in the same place’. We believe that this work will be a great step to find our freedom. And also we know that when we will experience these historic moments and talk about our ideas the ones who provided this gains to us, won’t be there. There are many women who are assaulted, executed, killed and still our friends are in prison. We are taking a big step to deserve their efforts. We will continue to struggle for realizing our comrade’s dreams.

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