Revolution didn’t solve the woman issue

Revolution didn’t solve the woman issueFarah Barqavi , one of the founders of woman rebellion’s movement in arabic  world ,stating that women are started to be othered by men on  the process of revolution  in which they started together in arab world, said “Our movement that started to struggle with  discrimination against woman, emerged as a result of our struggle  that began individually but continued  as national movement. Women should struggle without censored themselves.’’

Farah Barqavi, one of the founders of woman rebellion’s movement in Arab world, talked about the role of the woman in revolution process and movement of woman rebellion , organized to struggle with woman abuse which occured after revolution.

 ‘It is essential to collectivize  with women’
–          What is the meaning of the Middle East Woman Conference and the meeting of the middle eastern women for you?

We named our organization as ‘ rebeliion of woman movement in Arab  world’. Our organization appeals to all of the women in arab world. Moreover we expect to attendence  and collectivity of other women like Barbary, Armenian ,Asurian and Kurdish . I m happy to meet excellent and vigorous middle eastern women. Especially I ‘m meeting with women who believe revolution. If we don’t believe revolution , we can not achieve it. So it is important for me to meet these women.

We are inspiring from Kurdish women’s movement’

–          What is your point of view to the struggle of kurdish woman? what do you think about it?

Actually , before coming here I had notice of movement of Kurdish woman. I began to read about them mostly. I think one of the important things is to share common social values in spite of differences between our languages. Thus, as young women it will be very important to share information. Indeed we as women of Palestinian , Egyptian and Kurdistan are exposed to same system’s tyranny. But I see that Kurdsih women are carrying out more serious struggle.they are in front of us. So I think we will inspire from them.

 ‘There is a complicated language in legistation’

–          What is the working style of ‘ organization of woman rebellion in Arab world’? How is the road map of it? Can you talk about it?

The first aim of us is to struggle with,social and economic  discrimination against woman in family. It will be first step for women to form awareness and to stand up for their rights. The second aim is to share experience.ıt is important. We give importance to share our experience , to act together in feminist areas rather than struggling lonely. Third is to reinforce the arguments about woman issue. So we can discuss the problems that have never been discussed before and life of women. When we began to discuss woman problems , people organized from local to struggle. It was  also our third aim. Local organization were formed in Yemen ,Morocco and Tunisia. These are sub-groups formed after our movement.Moreover , the other struggle area is law.Because when we look at the area of law , women are exposed to discriminatory law norms in Morocco or in England. We can struggle collectively to change these law norms. We are carrying out studies on law. We try to reach each other by means of studies. We try to inform women about legistations that are against them. Because as we know legistations were written with complicated language. We aim to make them comprehensible. Moreover we want to work with social associations to complete each other. Because we can struggle in law area with sharing our studies on law.

 ‘Also we are struggling against the reformer male dominant system’

–          How did woman direct the revolution in arab world?

Women achieved the revolution side by side with men. We got a point in which both women and men were there as individual. We were together not as a part of an organization but as an individual. But  then we saw that women were exposed to discrimination and marginalization. This struggle began with a individual and continued with discrimination against women and then it end up with women movement.As we see we should struggle against male dominated system and there are male dominant system in our reformer comrades. So we as women movement ,were organized against reformer male dominant system. At this point we founded the organization of woman rebellion in arab world. We collectivized other social associations and woman movement. We think we can take forward the revolution. We believe that revolutions are constant and it has’nt ended yet. At this stage  It is wrong to evaluate the revolution as progressive or unprgressive. Because revolution is lasting and in these days we are on the historic turnout. We are struggling with our friends and it is important for me.

‘Regime prevents artistics activities’

–          What is the rate of woman attendence to cultural and artistic activities?

all the time women are active in area of culture  and  education. I believe that Egpytian strenghen the culturel activities to reach each other. There were two groups which had conflict after revolution. On one  hand the number of social association increased. On the other hand activities such as theatre increased. Regime  is against these activities. Initially the regime of Mubarek then ‘’Muslim Brothers’’. These were struggling to step back these cultural activities. For instance , two days ago the minister of culture in egpyt decided not to fund the institut of modern dance.  As you can expect the institut of modern dance are managed by women. They think this institut is unnecessary.

 ‘Women shouldn’t censor themselves’

–          What is the way of the woman rebellion in arabic world after this process?

We are at stage that is very risky. I think the thing that is required to be done by Arabic woman movement is to struggle together ang not to discuss about what is the priority. Because we may seperate by this discussion. However we have to solve different problems at the same time. I believe it is disloyality to women movement and liberation of women not to taking part in revolution process. So it is essential to take a position and act for our destiny. We should struggle against taboos. We shouldn’t censor ourselves. We have to continue struggle until we have same rights with men.

Who is the Farah Barqavi?

Farah Barqavi is one of the founders of the woman rebellion in arabic world. She lives between Lebanon and Egpyt. Farah , founder of the movement  which is organized as a result of discrimination against women despite the carrying out revolution together in Egpyt, is an independent interpreter and editor in Kahire.  Farah  who is the special asistant of field chef of health progamme in UNRWA that was in Egpyt , lebanon and beirut until october 2012, had a role in the culturel Project such as music and theatre activities in Egpyt and Lebanon.

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