In Iran, women struggle for liberation of women

Têkoşîna jinên îranî bi têkoşîna jinên Rojhilata Navîn watedar eThe participant of Middle East Woman Conference, held by DOKH, Iranian Shiler Amini said ‘ The middle eastern women who have confronted many sufferings and become immune to these sufferings have nothing to lose. The only thing should be done is to come together for struggling.’

Shiler Amini, the participants of conference, the activist of Farzad Kemanger Foundation and the representative of Iran in European Commision of Torture Watch, talked about the regime of Iran to Jinha.Shiler stated ‘ the women who live under Islamic Regime in Iran , are exposed to be stoned, blacklisted and to the violence of men and said the struggle of organized middle eastern women is required to change the view of Iran regime to women.
‘Politician women should be our voice in parliament’

Shiler ho noticed that in Iran especially women are exposed to many tortures in prison , said ‘ I as a woman in society shaped by Shariah like Iran, pursue by taking charge in the commission of prison torture.Shiler mentioning the difficulties of being a woman in Iran ,said ”all of my runnings which protect the women from tortures , are monitored by oppressors. And she added she makes no account of these oppressions.

Shiler noticing that culture and oppressive system are mixed in the world, told ‘ the situation iranian women who live under hard conditions can’t cause a reaction in europe.She emphasized the importance of women conferences to evoke a responsibility by debating the problems.moreover , shiler underlined that in the parliament middle eastern’s  politician women   must be voice of the women who live in the countries, like Iran,  which ignore the rights of woman.

‘The greatest example of  Kurdish women’ s struggle is the revolution of woman in Rojava(southwestern)’

Shiler, pointing out Iranian women are blacklisted because of their clothes or any communication with opposite gender , said “Even some rumours cab cause a woman to be stoned in Iran.” Shiler underlined the fact that Kurdish women are oppressed because of tbeing a woman and Kurd, and said “Iran, such a oppressive regime, can not set against the volitional power of Kurdish women.The greatest example of Kurdish women ‘s power is the revolution of women in Rojava(south western).Iranian women struggle for liberation of women with resisting various tortures in prison.”

‘Woman will write her own strategy’

She, pointing out the Middle Eastern Woman Conference was a big step for women in the world , said “In this sense developed countries will understand that women will write their own strategy without being deceived by the system of men hegemony.” If middle eastern women struggle with unity, they can shatter the new colonialism that exploit this region.She continued as “middle eastern women who have confronted many sufferings and become immune to these sufferings , have nothing to lose. the only thing that should be done is to come together for struggling as middle eastern women.

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